Lower Com Stadium?


Lower Com Stadium
Lower. com Field is a soccer-specific stadium in Columbus, Ohio, United States. It serves primarily as the home stadium of the Columbus Crew of Major League Soccer, replacing the club’s previous home, the Historic Crew Stadium. The new stadium cost $314 million and is located at the center of the mixed-use Astor Park development adjacent to the Arena District and downtown.

How many seats does Lower Lower com field have?

Lower. com Field is purposefully designed to be inviting and dynamic – embodying the diversity and spirit that make Columbus home. 3,356 Seat Safe Standing Intimate Seating 62,000 FT 2.

What is the name of the stadium in Columbus Ohio?

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Where do you sit in the lower bowl at a game?

Clubs and premium seating  – For the fans and businesses who can afford luxury, there are seven different premium-seating options outside of suites. There are five primary areas. The West Field Club, ledge seats and River Club are on the west side of the stadium, while the East Field Club and Rail Club is on the east side.

More: The Columbus Crew’s new downtown stadium has a name: Lower. com Field In addition to parking, cushioned seating and premium dining options, fans in these areas are closest to the action near midfield in the lower bowl.

Fans with access to the East Field Club can either sit in the lower bowl or actually on the field in player box seats or pitchside seats close to the team benches. They can also watch teams walk out of the tunnel to the field. There are similar pitchside seats on the west side with an outdoor lounge.

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Is Columbus Ready for a second soccer-specific stadium?

The new Lower. com Field, home of the Columbus Crew. Colin Peterman The first Major League Soccer club to build a soccer-specific stadium is ready for the second iteration. Twenty-two years following a first foray, the Columbus Crew will upgrade from Historic Crew Stadium when opening Lower.

com Field four miles away on July 3, a fresh perspective on MLS venues and the cornerstone of a brand-new Astor Park neighborhood near the city’s downtown. The new 20,000-seat, $313 million venue features the latest in MLS amenities, from one of the largest roof canopies in the league covering every seat in the stadium to a 3,364-seat Nordecke supporters section and a beer garden behind the Nordecke to a pub on the corner of the stadium, a community amenity facing both inward to the concourse and out toward the new neighborhood.

“What we tried to do is reflect what the Crew is,” says Dee Haslam, Crew investor/operator. “It just has a really unique personality and is really reflective of our supporters. They are dynamic, excited, entrepreneurial and a really diverse group. ”  Siting a New Stadium Haslam says the first question when planning for a new stadium was finding a site that made sense for the city and connecting to the community.

So, by partnering with Pizzuti Companies, the new 33-acre Astor Park neighborhood takes what was an underused, barren location in the urban core and uses Lower. com Field to give life to a live, work and play development that will take shape over the next few years.

The Lower. com Field anchors a new development in Columbus. Jodi Miller With connectivity to Ohio State University and other communities, Haslam says that even though building new in the city brought challenges, “it made sense to be in the urban core and be in the middle of everything.

”  Astor Park sits near the riverfront and will have a tree-filled park to go with the stadium and developments. The stadium plaza, then, becomes a key community asset, Haslam says, akin to a pocket park for the neighborhood.

The beer garden, open to everyone in the venue and driven by the supporters as what they wanted in a stadium culture, can open on non-gamedays and the pub serves as a key cornerstone and connection to the venue that has daily use. Haslam says they expect to use the covered—and extra-wide—concourses for community events and the mix of interior spaces provide additional opportunity for rentals.

  1. Expect a commercial building and parking garage near the stadium to lead the next phase of development and for residential sites to bud in 2023;
  2. “The stadium is the first piece of the neighborhood,” Haslam says, adding the riverfront park will be finished soon;
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It all adds up to “a good sign for Columbus,” she says. MORE: Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium Focused On ‘Authentic Austin’ Experiences Ryan Gedney, HNTB architect, says knowing the building will serve a new neighborhood means every space has several different faces.

  • “It changes your mindset in how you think of the stadium being a good neighbor,” he says;
  • “Every space has a first, second and third use, having something that is designed with every day in mind;
  • ”  In all, seven unique event and convention spaces total more than 40,000 square feet that become available for non-match day use;

Gedney says plazas have become a common place for professional sports venues to connect buildings to a city. The Crew embraced that opportunity, being “intentional about design in terms of shape and interaction with the stadium and neighborhood to be a great place heavily utilized 365 days a year.

  • ”  A rendering of the new Lower;
  • com Field in Columbus;
  • Columbus Crew Focusing on Premium Mixing seating types and bringing together experiences gives Lower;
  • com Field a fresh perspective on materials, details and personality, says Haslam;

She credits the addition of Heather Mathias to the project as a design director in helping create Crew-specific experiences for each special section. Mathias, working with Blur Workshop and HNTB, put a hospitality focus on interior spaces, approaching it more like a restaurant or hotel.

“Our strategy was to think a lot about who was using the space and what they would want the space to be,” Mathias says. “What do we need to offer, what kind of graphics, how close to the seats? It was very specific in that way, thinking about how people use the space.

”  The stadium features the Lower Lounge, one of Haslam’s favorites, with 10 bunker-style luxury suites with seats at eye level to the action on the pitch and an outdoor patio with fireplaces. Inside the club, a bar and lounge with windows to the patio and the pitch highlight the space.

MORE: FC Cincinnati Set To Open TQL Stadium, Debut MLS Stadium Firsts The Field Club is the largest in the venue and two concourse clubs, the River Club with a refined, classic vibe has easy access and views to the pitch and city with pizza ovens and a large bar, and the Rail Club celebrates the “sprint of the Crew” by serving as the party club.

There is a suite level club above the concourse designed for suite patrons and “ledge seat owners” with amenities akin to an upscale retail shop with a bar and lounge. “It was important to ownership that each one of the clubs had a distinct personality and those personalities were driven by the user groups,” Mathias says.

  1. Clubs have custom furniture and handpicked materials—such as the black brick in the German Village used in the west end Field Club to wrap the columns—to bring Columbus personality to play;
  2. “We are really excited for people to see the stadium,” Haslam says;
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“Columbus is just an amazing town and we feel this stadium is a true reflection of how vibrant, exciting and entrepreneurial this city is. ”  Lower. com Field Gedney says discussions with the club’s supporters drove the project and the stadium reflects the way the people of Columbus want to interact with each other.

  • The biggest piece comes in the form of the canopy—one of the largest in the league—that provides comfort for fans and offers a competitive advantage by reverberating noise back to the field;
  • Full coverage of the concourses also allows further non-gameday use;

The Lower. com Field lockerroom for the Columbus Crew. Columbus Crew “There are so many reasons to do the covering,” Haslam says. “It made sense to us and also completed the look and feel of what we wanted. There were a dozen reasons why we felt it was important.

  1. ”  The 20,000 capacity fits the Columbus market and still offers space in the 460,000-square-foot building for the mix of premium experience while pulling the first row 13 feet closer to the pitch than in Historic Crew Stadium and improving the steepness of the rake in the Nordecke supporters section to 34 to 37 degrees, 70% steeper than the old venue;

The food and beverage program feature 40% local providers with a focus on frictionless and touchless environments. But Gedney says details punctuate Lower. com Field. “I think what I’m particularly proud of with this stadium is that once you get beyond the iconic postcard of an exterior stadium image, venues can sometimes start to feel a little typical,” he says.

“There is a richness in the detail (here). ” From the touch of a rail to the plaza or premium space, he says they’ve worked to bring the brand of the Crew to play. He cites the canopy, where in lieu of placing lines of sports lights, they were arranged—similar to the exterior façade—in an angular pattern that ties to the crest design of the Crew.

“Instead of just putting a big roof over the stadium,” Gedney says, “what is the experience? That was something that was really special for us, being one of the original teams and having this chance to reimagine (the experience) it was a chance for the architecture to draw from both its roots and past and where (the club) is going.

”  Those involved in the stadium project want fans to enjoy the details. “I’m just excited to go to an event with fans and hopefully see their experience of all the little moments of surprise and delight you might not normally expect,” Gedney says.

“I’m excited to see it in action.